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The Holy Essenian Healing methods are not a religion

Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing in France since 2013
Near Rocamadour, the Dordogne, France a Pleiadian Healing Circle has been started up once again by Lisa. Lisa is leading this circle that is active on the level of ALL DISEASES, INCLUDING MORTAL DISEASES.

The Essenian teachings are meant as educations to become Spiritual Healers (Doctors) for after 2022 when we have been completely transferred to the 5th Dimension.

Because of their Academic educations the Essenian Inititated Masters are also qualified to train Essenian Assistant Healers, Essenian Healers and Essenian Masters.
Methods of Essenian Healings back on Earth
When the two complementary souls Henk Mulder and Lisa Lux were reunited in this life, it became clear that this reunion was to complete a big task. Henk is Clairvoyant on a high level and when in Trance speaks with Mother/Father God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Master Mikao Usui. Through this communication by means of channeling Lisa was requested by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Jesus' complementary soul, to put the knowledge of the methods of Essenian Healings, just like the Pleiadian Healings, back on Earth. These are ancient human healing techniques.

It took about a year to document precisely the healings given by Mary Magdalene. Thereafter we worked hard to create the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing. It is our Holy mission to pass on this knowledge to as many people as possible by training and healing sessions. We are convinced that by introducing and executing these ancient healing techniques, as many people as possible may be healed.

Once again Lisa and Henk were asked to move from Mallorca, where they did their energetic work for 5 years with a highlight during the Transformation on 21-12-2012, to France. In these 5 years Essenian Masters, Healers and Reiki Masters Practitioners were educated. At this moment a Pleiadian Healing Circle trained by Lisa is still active on Mallorca.

They now live in France about 25 kilometers from the pilgrim village of Rocamadour, the Dordogne, France where Mary Magdalene initiated her last Essenian Master approximately 2000 years ago.

It is in this area where the Plants and Herbs still grow wild and can be used directly for the Essenian Herb Healings. These Healings are 5th dimensional and will be placed back on Earth shortly by Lisa and Henk.
Essenian Healings and the stones
Toning and the energy of loaded stones are important tools in this healing process. Toning are voice sounds produced by human people. The first toning on this planet was done before the first (unsuccessful) transformation about 185.000 years ago. Toning is meant to synchronise energy chaos of several energy fields levels such as chakras, the light body, the electromagnetic field which contains our thoughts, emotions and feelings, mass consciousness and the Sophisticated Organized Energy Field (= S.O.E.F.), an energy field moving in and around the body wherein all physical and mental components are being projected.

By cleaning the Stones in the Essenian way and by toning the Stones, the Stone's crystals get synchronised in their energy vibration. Because Stones are transformation stations, they are now able to be used by the Godly, Loving, Healing Energies from the 2nd to the 5th dimension and by the person who performs the healings.

The 13 Essenian Arts of Healing combine the energy interactions of all kinds of Stones. Crystals of the cubic, trigeminal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monocline, hexagonal and triclinic structures are combined. These crystal structures are unique for every individual stone, even within their family. That is why certain specific Stones are used to heal specific kinds of illnesses.
Crystals of the Stones and their Powers
The power of our thoughts is really based on two things: Attention and Intention. Our thoughts are long electromagnetic waves which we send out into space and through scientific apparatus can be registrated and made visible.

Crystals, this has also been scientifically proved, can receive and send out energetic frequencies and even communicate through complicated waveforms of the electromagnetic field. Human thoughts, emotions and feelings are also part of this field..

Therefore Stones with their different type of crystals (hidden for most people), are highly intelligent modulating stations!

In the core (nucleus) of a crystal you will find an atom and its composition. The atom is dynamic and consists of fragments that constantly turn around its core. So when you look at the serene looking Stones, they have in fact a fizzing molecular mass, vibrating at a certain frequency. In that way they represent a micro-cosmos.

Within the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing the Stones with their own sort of crystals are cleaned, tuned up and synchronised. Different types of stones are used to heal different illnesses and refer exactly to this knowledge.

Just like Jesus 2000 years ago, Lisa came to this Earth with 9th dimensional consciousness. She therefore is the only one on this Earth who remembers how to clean and tune-up the stones. She can also conduct certain Essenian Healings, others can not do, for instance the healing of the Barren People.

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