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The Essenians were the Gnostic community in which Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary and Joseph lived. At a certain point they had to bury their Apocrypha writings which were later forbidden by the church. These writings “The Dead Sea Scrolls” were found in stone jugs not so long ago. These writings show that they lived the Esoteric tradition, which means that one knows that he or she is a God’s Spark that chooses a form (a human being). You are able to relate to this part inside of you and know you can make a connection with Mother/Father God, of which you are also a part. The Exoteric way that most of the Christian churches chose is the outer way to God through laws, obedience, books and church fathers, lead by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great this was installed. The Esoteric tradition was exiled and many Gospels disappeared out of the church’s teachings. From that day on the church decided what and how one must believe in order to live the correct faith which is by their laws.

The name Essenian means “Healer”. These healers knew how to heal with herbs and had brilliant knowledge of the strong healing effects certain stones possessed. They knew the ancient ways to heal using stones with intonations (voice sounds) and tuning the stones through using their consciousness. This affects the energy bodies of the physical body and synchronises them so that healing can take place. They also practised Laying on the Hands and used the power of the mind and the power of forgiving and praying.

This can be read in many parts of the Bible. The Essenians called themselves Sons and Daughters of the Light. Joseph and Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene were initiated in the Essenian ways of Healing. A lot of their knowledge was derived from the Egyptians and the ancient mystery schools of Enoch, the forefather of Noah. They dressed themselves in white which represents purity and lived a sober and simple life based on Healing and the power of Love.
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