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Barren People Healing
Just like Jesus 2000 years ago, Lisa came to this Earth with 9th dimensional consciousness. She therefore is the only one on this Earth who remembers how to clean and tune up the stones. She can also conduct certain Essenian Healings, others can not do, for instance the Healing of the Barren People.

Specific stones are energetically tuned up in the Essenian way by Lisa and another 3 stones that are also tuned up in this way are chosen by the barren person through feeling. Then they are instructed exactly what to do with these stones, when they start making love to each other, to conceive a baby.

These kind of children with high vibrating souls like the Crystal, Rainbow, and Indigo children, will be born to serve the new world.

All parents and their children always make an agreement with each other before they decide to incarnate. For both it is always the path of learning and/or subservience.

In my opinion it must feel like an honour to perceive a (soul) child like this.

Fee : 250 + the fee of the other 4 stones.
Cleaned and tuned-up by Lisa.
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